shares rise on both exchanges masan group recovers after three day decline Shares rise on both exchanges, Masan Group recovers after three-day decline

17:12 | 12/12/2019

Shares rose on Thursday morning on the two exchanges.

large caps vary market treats Large-caps vary, market treats

09:22 | 11/12/2019

Shares retreated on Wednesday morning as large-caps did not make enough strong gains to support the indices.

vn stocks to head up in december trade war concerns expected VN stocks to head up in December, trade war concerns expected

09:52 | 09/12/2019

After having declined for four straight weeks, the Vietnamese market may rebound in December as analysts and securities companies expect that cheaper shares will attract ...

vn stocks gain slower on caution VN stocks gain slower on caution

14:13 | 05/12/2019

Vietnamese shares grew modestly on Thursday morning as worries about the market volatility still existed among investors.

shares gain but large caps vary Shares gain but large-caps vary

15:03 | 04/12/2019

Shares managed to gain on Wednesday morning but the market witnessed strong fluctuation in share prices.

shares rebound on buying force Shares rebound on buying force

13:46 | 03/12/2019

Vietnamese shares rebounded on Tuesday morning, pulled up by strong buying demand at the end of the early session.

vn stocks suffer a sudden drop in the afternoon VN stocks suffer a sudden drop in the afternoon

08:59 | 03/12/2019

Vietnamese shares tumbled on Monday under heavy selling pressure that hit banking, technology and other key sectors.

shares recover on bottom fishing Shares recover on bottom fishing

12:14 | 30/11/2019

Vietnamese shares edged up yesterday as investors sought out stocks that had been hit hard in the previous session.

large caps lose steam dragging market down Large-caps lose steam, dragging market down

16:58 | 28/11/2019

A series of large stocks dropped deeply on Thursday morning and put great pressure on the whole market.

shares gains narrow due to profit taking Shares’ gains narrow due to profit-taking

11:22 | 27/11/2019

Shares traded positively on Tuesday but investors dumped a huge amount of stocks at the close to collect intra-day profits.

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