vmware delivers intrinsic security to vietnams digital infrastructure VMware delivers intrinsic security to Vietnam’s digital infrastructure

11:53 | 16/10/2020

VMware announced advancements to its intrinsic security portfolio, giving Vietnam’s organisations the capabilities to deal with the new digital reality.

vmware appoints new regional head for nascent markets and vietnam VMware appoints new regional head for Nascent markets and Vietnam 

14:55 | 01/06/2020

VMware announced the appointment of Nitin Ahuja as incoming country manager, Nascent and Vietnam to sharpens focus on Asia’s emerging digital economies.

vmware catalyses innovation in vietnam with expanded product portfolio VMware catalyses innovation in Vietnam with expanded product portfolio

15:05 | 11/03/2020

VMware announced a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to help customers modernise their applications and infrastructure, opening a new chapter.

leading us software innovator vmware appoints regional head in vietnam Leading US software innovator VMware appoints regional head in Vietnam

15:59 | 02/03/2020

VMware, Inc. on March 2 announced the appointment of Venkatesh Murali as head of Channels, Nascent and Vietnam, showing its long-term commitment to Vietnam.

tpcoms vmware partnership to transform local cloud computing market Tpcoms-VMware partnership to transform local cloud computing market

08:00 | 01/10/2019

TPCloud, the first and unique cloud infrastructure service in Vietnam that encompasses Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Private Cloud, DRaaS,VDI, and more, and has been certified ...

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