putin modi vow closer ties at far east economic forum Putin, Modi vow closer ties at Far East economic forum

09:07 | 05/09/2019

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he would boost ties with Moscow as he met President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin's showcase economic forum in ...

russia readmission divides leaders at g7 Russia readmission divides leaders at G7

08:52 | 27/08/2019

The future reintegration of Russia into the elite G7 group of the world's rich nations divided leaders at its summit in France on Monday (Aug ...

trump putin discuss russian wildfires white house Trump, Putin discuss Russian wildfires: White House

16:53 | 01/08/2019

US President Donald Trump spoke on Wednesday (Jul 31) with Russia's President Vladimir Putin about wildfires in Siberia and trade, the White House said.

putin says will work to restore ukraine ties Putin says will work to restore Ukraine ties

15:45 | 19/07/2019

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday (Jul 18) said Russia was ready to work with any political party to restore ties with Kiev as he met ...

14 crew killed in fire on russian sub 14 crew killed in fire on Russian sub

09:55 | 03/07/2019

Fourteen Russian seamen have died in a fire on a deep-water research submersible, Russia's defence ministry said on Tuesday (Jul 2), amid local media reports ...

at g20 putin leads attack on western liberalism At G20, Putin leads attack on western liberalism

11:11 | 30/06/2019

OSAKA, Japan: Russian President Vladimir Putin has used a global summit founded on liberal ideas to attack them in a demonstration of Moscow's apparent confidence ...

putin says mh17 probe shows no proof of russias guilt Putin says MH17 probe shows 'no proof' of Russia's guilt

12:04 | 21/06/2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday (Jun 20) the international community had failed to provide any evidence that Moscow was behind the downing of ...

putin says russia prepared to drop start nuclear arms treaty Putin says Russia prepared to drop START nuclear arms treaty

09:27 | 07/06/2019

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday (Jun 6) Russia was prepared to drop a nuclear weapons treaty with the US and warned of "global catastrophe" ...

putin fast tracks russian citizenship for more ukrainians Putin fast-tracks Russian citizenship for more Ukrainians

08:49 | 02/05/2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new decree fast-tracking Russian citizenship for more Ukrainians, a controversial new move expected to deepen the crisis between ...

ukraine seeks un action over russian passports move Ukraine seeks UN action over Russian passports move

09:50 | 26/04/2019

Ukraine on Thursday (Apr 25) appealed to the UN Security Council to take action to oppose a decision by President Vladimir Putin to grant Russian ...

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