vingroup reports net revenue of 48 billion in 2020 Vingroup reports net revenue of $4.8 billion in 2020

10:13 | 02/02/2021

The increase in the sale of vehicles and mobile phones contributed to offsetting a plunge in revenue in the other sectors of Vingroup.

discovering made in vietnam 5g enabled smartphone factory photos Discovering Made-in-Vietnam 5G-enabled smartphone factory (photos)

10:53 | 09/12/2020

The VinSmart electronic equipment factory complex currently has a capacity of up to 23 million products per year, and is conducting testing and manufacturing made-in-Vietnam ...

vingroup reports soaring revenue in third quarter Vingroup reports soaring revenue in third quarter

19:27 | 02/11/2020

A soar in vehicle and mobile phone sales, along with real estate, helped the revenue of Vingroup to increase by 14 per cent on-year.

made in vietnam 5g enabled smartphone to go to the us in 2021 Made-in-Vietnam 5G-enabled smartphone to go to the US in 2021

15:20 | 09/10/2020

US technology giant Qualcomm is supporting VinSmart’s vision towards 5G development with an ambition to export 5G-enabled smartphones to the US in 2021.

vinsmart ventilator approved by health ministry Vinsmart ventilator approved by Health Ministry

17:57 | 26/06/2020

A ventilator model produced by Vinsmart, a member of Vingroup, has obtained approval for sale from the Ministry of Health.

vinsmart co operates with pininfarina to design smartphone VinSmart co-operates with Pininfarina to design smartphone

17:58 | 04/05/2020

VinSmart has recruited Pininfarina – the world's leading industrial designer – to design its newest Vsmart smartphone models.

market share of vsmart sees soar Market share of Vsmart sees soar

18:54 | 14/01/2020

The market share of the Vsmart smartphone brand developed by VinSmart, an arm of Vingroup, was reported to increase by 6 per cent, catching up ...

vinsmart manufacturing plant officially put into operation Vinsmart manufacturing plant officially put into operation 2

15:00 | 23/11/2019

The Vinsmart manufacturing plant under Vingroup has been officially put into operation with the capacity of 125 million products a year.

vinsmart introduces smart android tv VinSmart introduces smart Android TV

14:41 | 21/11/2019

VinSmart expects to introduce five smart TV products using the Android operating system that will be officially launched in December this year.

vinsmart co operates with fujitsu and qualcomm to develop 5g phones VinSmart co-operates with Fujitsu and Qualcomm to develop 5G phones

06:58 | 29/06/2019

The 5G smartphones of VinSmart will be manufactured in Hanoi and are expected to be exported to the US, Europe, and other markets from April ...

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