sk group to acquire 1626 per cent stake in vincommerce SK Group to acquire 16.26 per cent stake in VinCommerce

12:12 | 06/04/2021

SK Group will acquire a 16.26 per cent stake in VinCommerce for a total cash consideration of $410 million.

vincommerce realisation of masan group point of life business strategy VinCommerce, realisation of Masan Group “Point of Life” business strategy

16:20 | 30/03/2021

More than a year under one roof with Masan Group, the restructuring strategy has brought a facelift to the operations of VinCommerce.

ma scaled down in 2020 but some deals stand out M&A scaled down in 2020 but some deals stand out

20:58 | 02/01/2021

The year 2020 marked a rough year for the global finance and equity markets as the COVID-19 pandemic scaled down the global economy and discouraged ...

masan accelerating towards full year performance goals Masan accelerating towards full-year performance goals

09:09 | 23/11/2020

One of Vietnam’s largest private conglomerates, Masan Group, grabbed double-digit growth across consumer-related business segments in the third quarter this year, paving the way for ...

diversity and convenience the way ahead in retail Diversity and convenience the way ahead in retail

08:00 | 15/08/2020

Vietnam’s retail market has become a shining spotlight in the ASEAN against the backdrop of disruptions caused by the current coronavirus pandemic.

hundreds of vinmart stores will be closed Hundreds of VinMart+ stores will be closed

12:06 | 24/06/2020

Under the management of Masan, hundreds of VinMart+ convenience stores will be closed this year.

masan meatlife to pour 22 million in anco Masan MeatLife to pour $22 million in Anco

12:03 | 23/03/2020

By injecting VND500 billion ($21.74 million) into Anco, Masan MeatLife will increase its stakes from 70 to nearly 100 per cent.

virus rouses food safety awareness Virus rouses food safety awareness

14:00 | 14/02/2020

Supermarkets and retailers are making bank from the public rushing to stock up on indispensable food supplies, which could ultimately push forward an increase in ...

vinmart closes numerous stores to reach break even point sooner VinMart closes numerous stores to reach break even point sooner

18:36 | 17/01/2020

The profit margin of VinMart+ has been improving over the last three years, and despite current losses, the retailer expects to turn a profit next ...

adayroi closes following vinmart merger Adayroi closes following VinMart merger

15:00 | 18/12/2019

All operations of Vingroup’s e-commerce platform Adayroi stopped since yesterday (December 17) evening.

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