two largest markets of viettel global running on planned loss Two largest markets of Viettel Global running on planned loss

10:16 | 03/10/2018

Viettel Global makes profit in seven foreign markets, but they cannot outweight the losses in Myanmar and Tanzania.

viettel global lists 22 billion shares on upcom Viettel Global lists 2.2 billion shares on UpCOM

17:34 | 26/09/2018

By listing 2.2 billion shares on the UpCOM, Viettel Global has become the listed mobile information services company with the most international markets.

viettel global reports 42 per cent increase in gross profit Viettel Global reports 42 per cent increase in gross profit

14:58 | 06/07/2018

In first quarter of this year, Viettel Global reported an increase of 43 per cent in gross profit, with positive results in net cash flows.

viettel global to be listed on upcom in july Viettel Global to be listed on UpCOM in July

12:16 | 23/06/2018

Viettel Global will be listed on the UpCOM in July and the company plans to increase charter capital by VND8 trillion ($349.49 million).

viettel reports 17 billion revenue from overseas markets Viettel reports $1.7 billion revenue from overseas markets

15:07 | 04/05/2018

Viettel reported $1.7 billion revenue from overseas markets, a whopping nine times higher than the average growth of the global telecommunications sector.

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