viettel hq makeover utilising abbs tech Viettel HQ makeover utilising ABB’s tech

14:00 | 06/04/2020

Viettel, the largest Vietnamese multinational telecommunication service provider, has utilised ABB’s pioneering technologies to transform its headquarters into a smart building.

who takes the initiative in e learning battle Who takes the initiative in e-learning battle?

17:23 | 05/03/2020

Public schools are scampering to adopt e-learning and catch up with private schools that have stepped on the path to innovation already.

viettel head and shoulders above telecoms brands Viettel head and shoulders above telecoms brands

15:04 | 02/03/2020

State-owned telecommunications giant Viettel has surpassed other regional rivals to become the best performer in brand value in Southeast Asia.

viettel refutes facebook accusations of discrediting rivals in myanmar Viettel refutes Facebook accusations of discrediting rivals in Myanmar

12:07 | 18/02/2020

Viettel claims innocence against Facebook's accusation that it discredited competitors in Myanmar through fake social network accounts.

viettel commits to contribute to technology development in its markets Viettel commits to contribute to technology development in its markets

17:36 | 01/08/2019

At the MOSWC 2019, Viettel affirmed its commitment to contribute to the development of education and technology in the countries where they operate.

viettel joins ride hailing market Viettel joins ride-hailing market

08:19 | 18/06/2019

Viettel will join the promising ride-hailing market, challenging the dominance of Grab, Go-Viet, and FastGo with its MyGo app.

north korean delegation to exchange and co operate with viettel North Korean delegation to exchange and co-operate with Viettel

09:50 | 27/02/2019

The North Korean delegation will pay a visit to Viettel to exchange experience and discuss co-operation in telecommunications and other sectors.

overly attached mobile operators block mnp progress Overly attached mobile operators block MNP progress?

10:14 | 19/02/2019

Troubles around MNP during the past four months raise the question whether mobile operators are trying to prevent customers from using other mobile services.

three days remain until mnp launch Three days remain until MNP launch

12:18 | 13/11/2018

Only three days remain until the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service is launched.

viettel and scic to divest from vinaconex Viettel and SCIC to divest from Vinaconex

08:00 | 30/10/2018

Approximately 79 per cent of Vinaconex’s charter capital will be auctioned off by Viettel and SCIC next month.

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