local lenders increase fund reserves Local lenders increase fund reserves

08:00 | 14/01/2021

Vietnamese banks are making a beeline to increase capital, accelerate financial capacity, and tap into overseas funds.

financial institutions begin public trading Financial institutions begin public trading

09:00 | 30/12/2020

Vietnamese banks are enthusiastically filing for initial public offering or re-listing, in which they dream about tapping into broader scope of funds.

lenders utilise varied approach in fol adjustments Lenders utilise varied approach in FOL adjustments

12:36 | 23/11/2020

Vietnamese banks are demonstrating their eagerness to tie the knot with international investors, with the expectation that cash injections will help grow the finance and ...

foreign fix to banks capitalisation ails Foreign fix to banks’ capitalisation ails

08:00 | 10/06/2020

A string of Vietnamese banks, particularly state-owned lenders, are facing capital shortfalls but upcoming tie-up deals with foreign investors could give the financial sector some ...

vietnamese banks see improved solvency Vietnamese banks see improved solvency

21:22 | 03/03/2020

Banks in Vietnam posted solid profit growth and asset quality improvements in 2019, benefitting from the country's robust macro-economic environment, Moody's Investors Service said.

banking ma activity could surpass 2019 outcomes Banking M&A activity could surpass 2019 outcomes

10:28 | 08/01/2020

The recent rising appetite for M&A in Vietnamese banks from South Korean investors may be a positive sign reflecting a brighter economic outlook and a ...

vietnamese lenders set sail for lucrative lands Vietnamese lenders set sail for lucrative lands

15:22 | 15/11/2019

Vietnamese banks are following their corporate clients by expanding abroad. However, lenders could also confront a combination of hurdles when going abroad, including understanding cultural ...

banks profit growth forecast to slow in 2019 Banks’ profit growth forecast to slow in 2019

15:16 | 11/09/2019

Profit growth of Vietnamese banks in 2019 is forecast to be lower than last year, but experts say this should not be cause for concern.

building trust critical for digital banking development Building trust critical for digital banking development

11:54 | 15/06/2019

Digital banking is inevitable for Vietnamese banks and building trust is critical in the development of the new business model, experts said at a conference ...

vietnamese banks target more overseas markets Vietnamese banks target more overseas markets

10:32 | 07/05/2019

Vietnamese banks are stepping up plans to expand their markets globally instead of focusing only on the Indochina region.

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