us supports vietnams efforts to help enterprises develop sustainable value chains US supports Vietnam's efforts to help enterprises develop sustainable value chains

09:43 | 24/07/2020

This is a good time for local and foreign enterprises to restructure their value chains, become more resilient, seize new opportunities, and enhance production.

climbing the value chain to maximise investment Climbing the value chain to maximise investment

14:00 | 10/06/2020

In general, foreign investors are seeking safe, stable investment environments with established real estate market practices, rule of law, and structured land ownership, with available ...

chile and vietnam to discuss bolstering trade co operation Chile and Vietnam to discuss bolstering trade co-operation

08:00 | 21/01/2020

In his first visit to Vietnam, Rodrigo Yañez, Vice Minister of Trade for Chile, shared some key points in the trade relationship between Chile and ...

sustainable bamboo value chain turns heads of international partners Sustainable bamboo value chain turns heads of international partners

11:52 | 19/09/2019

Thanh Hoa's event on sustainable value chain for bamboo aims to disseminate the potentials of bamboo in the development of tourism, energy, and handicrafts.

5th vcca offering unparalleled networking opportunities 5th VCCA offering unparalleled networking opportunities

17:23 | 19/08/2019

About 200 booths of nearly 100 enterprises from 10 countries will participate in the VCCA 2019.

opportunities for clmvt subregion Opportunities for CLMVT subregion

09:00 | 10/07/2019

Amid escalating trade tensions, the CLMVT subregion, including Vietnam, emerges as a big beneficiary thanks to the synergies transforming the subregion into Asia’s new value ...

synergy to transform region into asias new value chain hub Synergy to transform region into Asia's new value chain hub

13:00 | 24/06/2019

The CLMVT countries should take advantage of the synergy, especially the potentials of Vietnam, to transform the region into the new value chain hub of ...

turning challenges of trade war into opportunities for clmvt countries Turning challenges of trade war into opportunities for CLMVT countries

12:20 | 24/06/2019

Experts at CLMVT Forum 2019 confirmed that Vietnam is the greatest beneficiary of the US-China trade war as corporations are moving production bases from China.

tetra pak dedicates efforts to building low carbon circular economy Tetra Pak dedicates efforts to building low-carbon circular economy

08:00 | 10/06/2019

Tetra Pak has just released its Sustainability Report 2019 detailing its strong commitment to building a low-carbon circular economy.

ifc promotes vietnamese supplier linkages with multinationals IFC promotes Vietnamese supplier linkages with multinationals

14:48 | 25/05/2018

Vietnamese suppliers will receive much-needed support for improvement to become suppliers for multinational enterprises.

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