most asian markets retreat as trade deal euphoria fades Most Asian markets retreat as trade deal euphoria fades

11:38 | 06/11/2018

HONG KONG: Asian markets fell on Monday (Nov 5) after Donald Trump's top economics adviser downplayed the chances of a quick deal to end the ...

china to continue iran trade despite new us sanctions China to continue Iran trade despite new US sanctions

11:06 | 06/11/2018

BEIJING: China denounced new US sanctions targeting Iran's oil and financial sectors as "long-arm jurisdiction" on Monday (Nov 5) and vowed to continue its bilateral ...

china dumping us bonds implications for vietnam China dumping US bonds: implications for Vietnam

09:00 | 31/10/2018

Experts are weighing how China's dumping on US treasury bonds would impact Vietnam’s development.

us sanction on contractor delays long phu 1 thermal power plant US sanction on contractor delays Long Phu 1 thermal power plant​​​​​​​

09:14 | 30/10/2018

Long Phu 1 thermal power plant is riddled by uncertainties around international loans as the project contactor is subject to sanctions from the US.

us must think twice about nuclear treaty pullout china US must 'think twice' about nuclear treaty pullout: China

21:12 | 22/10/2018

BEIJING: China on Monday (Oct 22) called on the United States to "think twice" about its decision to ditch a Cold War-era nuclear weapons treaty ...

us sets new trade talks with eu japan britain US sets new trade talks with EU, Japan, Britain

10:10 | 17/10/2018

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said the administration notified Congress of its intent to negotiate the three separate trade agreements.

timber companies in vietnam seizing the opportunity Timber companies in Vietnam: seizing the opportunity

11:19 | 15/10/2018

The US-China trade war may bring about a shift in investment flows from Chinese timber firms to Vietnam. Consequently, it is crucial that the Vietnamese ...

vietnam has place for investment from us and eu Vietnam has place for investment from US and EU

10:07 | 01/10/2018

While Korea, Japan, and Singapore are the largest foreign investors in Vietnam, investment flows the US and Europe also promise to pick up.

china and russia call for easing of north korea sanctions China and Russia call for easing of North Korea sanctions

15:07 | 28/09/2018

China and Russia on Thursday (Sep 27) called for an easing of sanctions against North Korea, rejecting a US push at the UN Security Council ...

national pork board seeks to increase us pork exports to vietnam National Pork Board seeks to increase US pork exports to Vietnam

08:11 | 26/09/2018

The US National Pork Board seeks to build a lasting relationship with Vietnam to improve the pork exports into the country as US pork sales ...

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