us wants concrete trade action from china within 90 days US wants 'concrete' trade action from China within 90 days

09:01 | 04/12/2018

The United States said on Monday (Dec 3) it will need to see "something concrete" from China in the next 90 days to build a ...

trade deficit not a cause for concern Trade deficit not a cause for concern

08:00 | 29/11/2018

Despite Vietnam’s large trade deficit with South Korea, concerns are being allayed with the latter boosting investment and exports for production and re-export in the ...

trump says china tariff rates very likely to rise Trump says China tariff rates very likely to rise

09:12 | 27/11/2018

Just days ahead of a planned meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump also vowed to put tariffs on all remaining imports from China if ...

trump says prepared for g20 meeting with chinas xi Trump says prepared for G20 meeting with China's Xi

11:00 | 23/11/2018

US President Donald Trump insisted on Thursday (Nov 22) he was "very prepared" for a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping next week at ...

industrial property boom right on cue Industrial property boom right on cue

11:57 | 07/11/2018

New industrial property projects will come online just as foreign investors relocating due to the US-China trade war will boost demand in Vietnam.

stronger us dollar weaker yuan weigh on trade Stronger US dollar, weaker yuan weigh on trade

09:04 | 01/11/2018

The Vietnamese economy is walking a careful tightrope amid rapid developments around the world, especially the spiraling US-China trade war and the US Federal Reserve’s ...

china factory activity slows in october amid trade war woes China factory activity slows in October amid trade war woes

10:01 | 31/10/2018

BEIJING: Chinese factory activity slowed in October, official data showed on Wednesday (Oct 31), adding to a growing list of bad news for the Asian ...

china dumping us bonds implications for vietnam China dumping US bonds: implications for Vietnam

09:00 | 31/10/2018

Experts are weighing how China's dumping on US treasury bonds would impact Vietnam’s development.

global trade wars risk millions of jobs wto chief Global trade wars risk 'millions of jobs': WTO chief

13:53 | 18/10/2018

Head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Roberto Azevedo said there needed to be political solutions and he called on leaders to work towards them ...

vietnam to push on eu trade deal Vietnam to push on EU trade deal

10:05 | 18/10/2018

With a bilateral free trade agreement with the EU hoping to be signed by the end of the year, Vietnam is likely to ink a ...

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