asian markets rattled by fresh trade concerns Asian markets rattled by fresh trade concerns

09:49 | 04/12/2019

Asian markets slipped on Tuesday (Dec 3) as global trade uncertainty returned to the fore after the United States reimposed tariffs on Argentina and Brazil, ...

asian markets down on trade uncertainty unrest hits hong kong Asian markets down on trade uncertainty, unrest hits Hong Kong

10:13 | 12/11/2019

Asian markets turned lower on Monday (Nov 11) as another record close on Wall Street was overshadowed by uncertainty on the China-US trade talks, while ...

typhoon hagibis kills at least 11 in japan as rescue efforts intensify Typhoon Hagibis kills at least 11 in Japan as rescue efforts intensify

09:10 | 14/10/2019

At least 11 people have been killed in Japan as a result of powerful Typhoon Hagibis that roared across the country bringing unprecedented rains, officials ...

tokyo 2020 comes too early for karate kids olympic dream Tokyo 2020 comes too early for karate kid's Olympic dream

16:43 | 23/07/2019

Sweat pours off Mahiro Takano as the 13-year-old karate black belt trades blows with a grown man almost twice her size, finishing with a blood-curdling ...

facing olympic hotel shortage tokyo looks offshore Facing Olympic hotel shortage, Tokyo looks offshore

10:29 | 19/07/2019

Tokyo is facing a shortage of accommodation when Olympic fans pour into the Japanese capital for next year's Games so officials are looking offshore - ...

japan to resume commercial whaling after decades long ban Japan to resume commercial whaling after decades-long ban

14:58 | 01/07/2019

Japanese fishermen will set sail on Monday (Jul 1) to hunt whales commercially for the first time in more than three decades, after Tokyo's controversial ...

tokyo or bust as tiger eyes olympic dream Tokyo or bust as Tiger eyes Olympic dream

08:25 | 12/06/2019

Tiger Woods is setting his sights on next year's Olympic games, driven on by the knowledge that he may not get many more chances to ...

ioc sees scope for more tokyo 2020 games budget cuts IOC sees scope for more Tokyo 2020 games budget cuts

11:26 | 22/05/2019

Tokyo 2020 can make further reductions to its budget, a top Olympic official said on Tuesday (May 21), despite some sports associations voicing concerns that ...

convenient but controversial japans 247 shops under fire Convenient but controversial: Japan's 24/7 shops under fire

10:14 | 26/04/2019

It may be 1am but Tokyo's omnipresent convenience stores, known as "konbini", are busy with customers dropping in for everything from milk to underwear.

asian markets mostly higher as shanghai extends rally Asian markets mostly higher as Shanghai extends rally

09:35 | 07/03/2019

A Shanghai rally led gains across most Asian markets on Wednesday (Mar 6) as Chinese investors grow increasingly optimistic over trade talks with the US.

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