tiki falling behind e commerce competition Tiki falling behind e-commerce competition

11:57 | 18/03/2020

Tiki has lost its prestigious second position among Vietnamese e-commerce platforms since last year, falling to fourth place in traffic.

vietnams e commerce market to exceed 17 billion in 2023 Vietnam’s e-commerce market to exceed $17 billion in 2023

16:59 | 11/03/2020

The Vietnamese e-commerce market is projected to grow at 16.3 per cent CAGR from $9.5 billion in 2019 to $17.37 billion in 2023, according to ...

tiki in trouble for selling shoddy goods Tiki in trouble for selling shoddy goods

17:45 | 04/03/2020

Tiki, the most prestigious e-commerce platform in Vietnam, has gotten into trouble for selling low-quality goods and offering poor customer service.

tiki sendo speculation piques sector interest Tiki-Sendo speculation piques sector interest

12:03 | 18/02/2020

An expected co-operation deal between Tiki and Sendo has surprised the merger and acquisition arena in Vietnam, coming hot off the heels of the announced ...

tiki will spin off a logistics firm after rumoured ma with sendo Tiki will spin off a logistics firm after rumoured M&A with Sendo

10:39 | 18/02/2020

Tiki will open a logistics company that could appreciate its standing in the merger negotiations that it is rumoured to be having with Sendo.

tiki and sendo in merger talks Tiki and Sendo in merger talks?

11:32 | 11/02/2020

Tiki and Sendo may be in talks over a potential merger to break the dominance of Shopee and Lazada and their foreign backers.

another bites the dust in e commerce Another bites the dust in e-commerce

08:00 | 26/12/2019

The local e-commerce market is proving tougher than imagined by most as players drop out of the race left and right, while others are hanging ...

singaporean e logistics groups making waves Singaporean e-logistics groups making waves

11:06 | 07/11/2019

Singaporean investors are continuing to pour capital into e-logistics firms to tap into the fast-growing market in Vietnam.

lazada and tiki fall further behind e commerce competitionbr Lazada and Tiki fall further behind e-commerce competition

11:44 | 21/10/2019

Despite non-stop spending, Lazada remains overwhelmed by local platforms Sendo and Mobile World, in addition to other players Shopee and Tiki.

lazada e wallet call out of the frying pan and into the fire Lazada e-wallet call: out of the frying pan and into the fire

18:51 | 09/10/2019

Falling behind in the e-commerce race, Lazada has decided to branch out into e-wallet services – a decision with which the company may dig its ...

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