a state of the art smart mirror feature at the marq A state-of-the art smart mirror feature at The Marq

08:00 | 02/01/2020

The “magic mirror” of the 4.0 era is one of the highlights at The Marq – a luxury condominium in the heart of Ho Chi ...

decoding the attraction of the marq on nguyen dinh chieu street Decoding the attraction of The Marq on Nguyen Dinh Chieu street

08:00 | 17/12/2019

On the real estate map of Ho Chi Minh City, while District 2 and District 7 – the representatives of the east and the south ...

the marq timeless elegance The Marq – Timeless elegance

08:00 | 02/12/2019

The Marq is attracting successful and sophisticated residents thanks to its interplay of real elegance with an open and modern look.

eight reasons to choose the marq Eight reasons to choose The Marq

08:00 | 13/11/2019

With a prime location in District 1, The Marq is a preferred choice for the savvy buyers. Why did this luxury condominium project attract such ...

the marq a peaceful oasis in the heart of district 1 The Marq – A peaceful oasis in the heart of District 1

08:00 | 07/11/2019

Rising above the bustling metropolis, at The Marq you can enjoy peace among the blue sky, white clouds, and spectacular surroundings.

the sky club exclusive resort style amenities at the marq The Sky Club - exclusive resort - style amenities at The Marq

10:30 | 22/10/2019

The Marq is one of the few luxury projects keeping pace with the global trend of keeping a resort-themed Sky Club on the terrace.

impressive 69 metre high ceilings at the marq Impressive 6.9 metre high ceilings at The Marq

08:00 | 03/10/2019

A true living space is not merely a shelter, but also a source of daily inspiration, so that each passing second is a memorable moment. ...

the marq the epic of marble The Marq, the epic of marble

08:00 | 26/09/2019

Over thousands of years, marble has attained a unique position in architecture and is associated with the development of many civilisations.

living beyond luxury with ultimate amenities at the marq Living beyond luxury with ultimate amenities at The Marq

07:46 | 19/09/2019

For years, the living spaces of wealthy lifestyle connoisseurs have been integrated with haut couture-level amenities and exclusive privileges. Now, in the era of wellbeing ...

the marq your mark of distinction in district 1 ho chi minh city The Marq – Your mark of distinction in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

08:00 | 13/09/2019

For wealthy and successful lifestyle connoisseurs, the value of a real estate project at the heart of the city centre lies not only in the ...

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