vietnam to host itu digital world 2020 in october Vietnam to host ITU Digital World 2020 in October

09:51 | 26/09/2020

Vietnam will host the ITU Digital World 2020, expecting to attract hundreds of technology businesses from across the globe.

ssi put millions of elc stocks on trade SSI put millions of ELC stocks on trade

18:53 | 21/09/2020

Local securities company SSI seems to be steadily divesting from Elcom due to a plunge in the investment's value.

enlisting connection technology for growth of local startups Enlisting connection technology for growth of local startups

20:50 | 31/08/2020

The evolution of connection technology is an inevitable trend for local startups that demand large investments to complete their relative products.

made in vietnam kidsonline next step for 40 preschool education Made-in-Vietnam KidsOnline – Next step for 4.0 preschool education

21:34 | 18/07/2020

In alignment with the technology boom in Industry 4.0, the education sector is adapting new smart technology solutions to increase efficiency.

global smartphone sales plunge 20 in pandemic hit quarter Global smartphone sales plunge 20% in pandemic-hit quarter

09:11 | 02/06/2020

WASHINGTON: Global smartphone sales saw their worst-ever slump in the first quarter as the coronavirus pandemic hit consumer spending, a market tracker said Monday (Jun ...

sbv sets new course to board industry 40 in banking sector SBV sets new course to board Industry 4.0 in banking sector

08:00 | 28/01/2020

To keep up with the ever-evolving technology, banks have to be well-positioned to engage with the new wave of digitally empowered customers.

game changing strategy for smart manufacturers Game-changing strategy for smart manufacturers

15:00 | 03/01/2020

Modern manufacturing is taking on a new appearance as technology advances.

japan deepens involvement in vietnam technology scene Japan deepens involvement in Vietnam technology scene

13:00 | 02/01/2020

In the wake of an ageing population and the narrowing domestic market, Japanese businesses are expanding to the new fields of digital technology, healthcare, the ...

a state of the art smart mirror feature at the marq A state-of-the art smart mirror feature at The Marq

08:00 | 02/01/2020

The “magic mirror” of the 4.0 era is one of the highlights at The Marq – a luxury condominium in the heart of Ho Chi ...

innovation the name of the game for retailers Innovation the name of the game for retailers

09:10 | 01/01/2020

Applying technology in the retail industry is the next step in its evolution and will enable the offering of new experiences for customers while, conversely, ...

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