having a permanent establishment in vietnam could cost a pretty penny Having a permanent establishment in Vietnam could cost a pretty penny

08:00 | 21/09/2018

While more and more companies have cross-border activities, not all of them understand domestic tax regulations in the host countries or in tax treaties.

pnj fined for tax arrears PNJ fined for tax arrears

10:56 | 20/09/2018

Phu Nhuan Jewelry JSC (code: PNJ) has been fined to dozens of millions of dong in tax.

more banks provide e tax payment service More banks provide e-tax payment service

10:09 | 18/09/2018

The General Department of Customs (GDC) announced another four banks that qualify to provide its 24/7 e-tax payment scheme, raising the total to 22 banks.

deducting online advertising expenses a tough nut to crack Deducting online advertising expenses: a tough nut to crack

12:35 | 17/09/2018

Businesses in Vietnam find it difficult to prove online advertising costs eligible for tax deductions.

uber completes tax payment for ho chi minh city Uber completes tax payment for Ho Chi Minh City

20:14 | 11/09/2018

Uber B.V completed the payment of $2.36 million of tax, dispelling previous worries that the arrears may not be enforceable.

gtnfoods has to pay 10323 in tax arrears GTNFoods has to pay $10,323 in tax arrears

14:25 | 10/09/2018

GTNFoods JSC will have to pay $10,323 in tax arrears, fines, and late payment fees, according to the decision of the Hanoi Department of Taxation.

taxing e business proves problematic Taxing e-business proves problematic

15:00 | 07/09/2018

Collecting taxes from Facebook and Google as well as individuals earning money from these platforms remains difficult for the Vietnamese government. Even the Law on ...

private label segment on the rise among local retailers Private label segment on the rise among local retailers

15:00 | 07/09/2018

As the consumer demand increases, retailers are leveraging the private label market as a critical strategy to differentiate their brands in what is considered an ...

retail losses raise taxing questions Retail losses raise taxing questions

14:00 | 07/09/2018

Giant foreign and domestic retailers like Lotte Mart, Big C, Fivimart, and Citimart reporting consecutive losses has raised suspicions about widespread tax evasion – or ...

cross border ma deals cause unsolved tax issues Cross-border M&A deals cause unsolved tax issues

08:53 | 06/09/2018

As more foreign investors buy and sell Vietnam-based assets to and from each other, the tax issue is becoming more pressing for both deal participants ...

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