healthcare sounds clarion call to start digital transformation Healthcare sounds clarion call to start digital transformation

16:24 | 02/12/2019

Driven by strong digital transformation in the local healthcare sector, Vietnamese pharma firms are increasingly investing in technological innovations to shore up sustainable growth, while ...

finding a way for sustainable fdi attraction Finding a way for sustainable FDI attraction

15:13 | 02/12/2019

Amid rapid global changes, Vietnam is urged to take actions to increase the quality of investment flows. LNT & Partners, ALB Thomson Reuters Vietnam Law ...

energy industry deepens sustainability footprint Energy industry deepens sustainability footprint

14:53 | 02/12/2019

The Vietnamese government has enacted long-term development orientations and a strategy for the power sector, including energy efficiency measures to ensure national energy security.

developing renewable energy in vietnam through the lens of equality and sustainability Developing renewable energy in Vietnam Through the lens of equality and sustainability

14:39 | 02/12/2019

While Vietnam is facing many challenges in producing electricity, renewable energy is emerging as the tipping point for advancing development that is inclusive and sustainable ...

perfection at every turn carlsberg for sustainability Perfection at every turn Carlsberg for sustainability

14:19 | 02/12/2019

Businesses have an increasingly important role to play in securing a sustainable future – and sustainability has always been at the core of Carlsberg’s corporate ...

asl law legal superconductor for businesses ASL Law Legal superconductor for businesses

08:00 | 02/12/2019

Converging reputable lawyers and legal experts working in different fields of law in Vietnam and internationally, ASL LAW not only provides a variety of legal ...

becamex leading the smart and green infrastructure development wave Becamex: leading the smart and green infrastructure development wave

08:00 | 02/12/2019

Throughout 40 years of development, Becamex has always been a leading brand in industrial infrastructure – and the corporation is transforming itself in the southern ...

nestle named as vietnams top 10 sustainable businesses 2019 Nestlé named as Vietnam's top 10 Sustainable Businesses 2019

16:38 | 29/11/2019

For the second year in a row, Nestlé Vietnam was named one of Vietnam's Top 10 Sustainable Businesses in 2019.

promoting sustainability through green credit Promoting sustainability through green credit

16:39 | 28/11/2019

Established in 1994, locally-invested Bac A Bank has weathered all difficulties and challenges to earn its laurels. The bank has grown from strength to strength ...

everon wins sustainable development award 2019 Everon wins sustainable development award 2019  

15:53 | 28/11/2019

Everon, the famous brand of South Korean-run Everpia JSC, has been named among the Top 100 Sustinable Businesses 2019 in Vietnam for the fourth year ...

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