ba na hills turns vietnam into emerging leisure tourism destination Ba Na Hills turns Vietnam into emerging leisure tourism destination

07:35 | 04/07/2019

After a decade, Ba Na Hills has laid a sound foundation for Vietnam’s leisure tourism, which is expected to continue to grow stronger in the ...

at sun world mother nature is always the star of the show At Sun World, Mother Nature is always the star of the show

12:52 | 27/05/2019

Families from Vietnam and the world are flocking to Sun World complexes, not just for the world-class entertainment, but also to admire the spectacular scenery.

entering new era of travel and leisure with sun world Entering new era of travel and leisure with Sun World

20:37 | 14/05/2019

Each of the five Sun World complexes in Vietnam offers a unique charm that has made the country’s leading destinations even more appealing. Thu Nga ...

sun world theme parks and man made marvels energise vietnamese tourism Sun World theme parks and man-made marvels energise Vietnamese tourism

09:27 | 08/05/2019

Sun World theme parks, cable car rides, and architectural masterpieces have given a new lease on life to many of Vietnam’s leading holiday destinations.

experiencing world class services at home with sun group Experiencing world-class services at home with Sun Group

07:55 | 04/05/2019

VIR spoke with Dang Minh Truong, chairman of Sun Group, about how they will continue to develop the tourism industry under the Sun World Entertainment ...

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