raising the stakes for casinos Raising the stakes for casinos

16:38 | 18/10/2019

The pilot programme that allows local residents to gamble at selected casinos is showing positive signs, and the decree that bore the policy is being ...

mobile world boss stands to win 90 million on new dividend plan Mobile World boss stands to win $90 million on new dividend plan

09:21 | 11/10/2018

Applying the new dividend rate of 3:1, MWG chairman Nguyen Duc Tai, who owns nearly 46.9 million MWG shares, will receive additional shares worth $90 ...

new decree streamlines equitisation New decree streamlines equitisation

08:00 | 25/07/2011

A long-awaited equitisation decree is expected to boost flexibility in sales of state-owned enterprises.

scic looking to play its cards right in 2011 SCIC looking to play its cards right in 2011

11:00 | 14/02/2011

The State Capital Investment Corporation will sell stakes in 281 state-owned companies this year with bumper returns expected.

stones not to cause ripples Stones not to cause ripples

06:00 | 06/09/2010

The market will not be awash with shares from state-owned economic groups’ divestments as their divestment plans have yet to be finalised.

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