vinsmart co operates with fujitsu and qualcomm to develop 5g phones VinSmart co-operates with Fujitsu and Qualcomm to develop 5G phones

06:58 | 29/06/2019

The 5G smartphones of VinSmart will be manufactured in Hanoi and are expected to be exported to the US, Europe, and other markets from April ...

vsmart phones to officially sell in myanmar Vsmart phones to officially sell in Myanmar

08:13 | 30/05/2019

On May 29, VinSmart of Vingroup officially launched the Vsmart brand and products in Myanmar, continuing its way to conquer the international market.

applying luxury tax on smartphones is contrary to industry 40 Applying luxury tax on smartphones is contrary to Industry 4.0

11:31 | 15/05/2019

Ho Chi Minh City has recently proposed adding smartphones to the list of goods subject to luxury tax.

mobile world and fpt find new directions for growth Mobile World and FPT find new directions for growth

12:11 | 03/05/2019

As local demand for smartphones reaches the saturation point, technology retailers Mobile World and FPT Shop have been changing business orientations.

vingroup and its vnd trillion ma transactions Vingroup and its VND-trillion M&A transactions

11:13 | 02/04/2019

Besides M&A deals in the real estate sector, Vingroup also acquired potential companies in retail, pharmaceuticals, technology, and automobile production.

four vsmart phones to be sold over the world Four Vsmart phones to be sold over the world 8

13:56 | 15/12/2018

Vingroup has launched the sales of its four new Vsmart smartphones, the Jo1, Joy 1+, Active 1, and Active 1+.

samsung may struggle to keep local position for foxconns plan Samsung may struggle to keep local position for Foxconn's plan

08:00 | 03/12/2018

If Foxconn’s plan of opening an iPhone manufacturer in Vietnam comes true, Samsung will not be the sole option of the local supporting industry, which ...

huawei overtakes apple as worlds no 2 smartphone seller Huawei overtakes Apple as world's No 2 smartphone seller

09:30 | 02/08/2018

China-based Huawei took the second-place spot from Apple in a tightening global smartphone market during the second quarter of this year, according to figures released ...

smartphones still a puzzle Smartphones still a puzzle

09:24 | 23/10/2012

Smartphone popularity is soaring across Asia-Pacific, resulting in increased consumption of mobile media. But engaging uses with effective mobile advertising remains a puzzle, writes Dang ...

smartphones boost phone retail market Smartphones boost phone retail market

09:53 | 31/07/2012

Smartphones will be the thrust for the mobile phone retail market as up to 42 per cent of Vietnamese consumers say they want to use ...

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