worlds first launch of visa tap to phone with rapid seller onboarding World’s first launch of Visa Tap to Phone with Rapid Seller Onboarding

17:03 | 30/11/2020

Visa is partnering with Sacombank for the world’s first launch of Tap To Phone with RSO, transforming smartphones and tablets into contactless POS terminals.

bosch rolls out worlds first fully integrated split screen for motorcycles on road Bosch rolls out world’s first fully integrated split-screen for motorcycles on road

18:00 | 17/11/2020

A fresh integrated connectivity cluster by Bosch is making a new feature available for motorcycles in the form of a 10.25-inch TFT display.

made in vietnam 5g enabled smartphone to go to the us in 2021 Made-in-Vietnam 5G-enabled smartphone to go to the US in 2021

15:20 | 09/10/2020

US technology giant Qualcomm is supporting VinSmart’s vision towards 5G development with an ambition to export 5G-enabled smartphones to the US in 2021.

vietnam to issue new rules on terrestrial mobile communication terminal devices Vietnam to issue new rules on terrestrial mobile communication terminal devices 

12:26 | 29/08/2020

Vietnam will issue new technical regulations for terminal devices of terrestrial mobile communication, which will include integrating 4G into such devices.

vietnam railways launches ticket purchase and payment app Vietnam Railways launches ticket purchase and payment app

21:25 | 13/07/2020

VNR will officially launch an app for online ticket sales and payment on July 15 to improve service quality and convenience for passengers.

qualcomm announces first 5g snapdragon 6 series mobile platform Qualcomm announces first 5G Snapdragon 6-Series mobile platform

14:40 | 18/06/2020

Qualcomm announced the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 5G Mobile Platform to make 5G user experiences even more broadly available around the world.

vinsmart co operates with pininfarina to design smartphone VinSmart co-operates with Pininfarina to design smartphone

17:58 | 04/05/2020

VinSmart has recruited Pininfarina – the world's leading industrial designer – to design its newest Vsmart smartphone models.

keysight and samsung collaborate on 5g technology Keysight and Samsung collaborate on 5G technology

10:04 | 20/03/2020

Keysight announced an extended collaboration with Samsung Electronics' LSI Business to validate DSS technology used in the smartphone maker's new 5G modem.

vsmart phones surpass apple in retail Vsmart phones surpass Apple in retail

14:52 | 09/03/2020

For the first time since launching in the market, Vsmart has surpassed Apple in retail revenue.

government campaign to push up low cost smartphone segment Government campaign to push up low-cost smartphone segment

15:40 | 04/03/2020

The MIC's plan to popularise smartphones among the entire 100 million Vietnamese populace may create a race to manufacture low-cost smartphones.

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