smartphone use internet access critical to building a smart hcm city Smartphone use, internet access critical to building a ‘smart’ HCM City

11:25 | 17/07/2019

To achieve smart-city status, at least 90 per cent of residents in HCM City should be using a smartphone by 2022, a top official said ...

vingroup starts construction of vinsmart manufacturing plant Vingroup starts construction of VinSmart manufacturing plant

08:28 | 11/06/2019

The second VinSmart plant will not only produce Vsmart phones but also become a partner to world-leading smartphone manufacturers.

parallel import market distressed over nhat cuong mobile Parallel import market distressed over Nhat Cuong Mobile

15:07 | 17/05/2019

A string of local mobile phone stores have removed parallel smartphones from their websites as soon as Nhat Cuong Mobile’s head was arrested for smuggling.

nhat cuong mobile general director accused of organised crime Nhat Cuong Mobile general director accused of organised crime

08:00 | 15/05/2019

Bui Quang Huy has been arrested and started legal proceedings against on the charges of cross-border smuggling and dissimulating trillions of dongs of revenue.

chinese smartphone players quickly gain ground in vietnam Chinese smartphone players quickly gain ground in Vietnam

12:28 | 23/03/2019

Chinese smartphone players have quickly gained market share in Vietnam by offering innovative products at competitive prices.

apple to build data centre in vietnam Apple to build data centre in Vietnam

15:54 | 30/01/2019

Apple has announced plans to invest in a billion-dollar data centre in Vietnam.

samsung vacillates between vietnam and india for new facility Samsung vacillates between Vietnam and India for new facility

11:33 | 08/01/2019

Vietnam and India are Samsung’s two leading destinations to develop its next mobile phone factory after its decision to close its factory in Tianjin, China.

vingroup launches vsmart phones on december 14 Vingroup launches Vsmart phones on December 14 3

15:25 | 03/12/2018

Shortly after signing up with BQ and Vinsmart, Vingroup will launch four Vsmart phones on December 14, 2018 at its Landmark81 Tower, Ho Chi Minh ...

samsung crown prince lee jae yong visits vietnam today Samsung crown prince Lee Jae Yong visits Vietnam today

09:09 | 30/10/2018

Samsung’s vice chairman Lee Jae Yong is visiting subsidiaries in Vietnam today in Hanoi, the northern province of Bac Ninh, and Ho Chi Minh City.

landslide changes in phone segment Landslide changes in phone segment

15:00 | 18/10/2018

As Vietnamese smartphone producers are launching new products and Chinese giants are stepping up their game, Samsung and Apple’s hold on the market seems more ...

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