e commerce titans step up fake product fight E-commerce titans step up fake product fight

14:00 | 21/05/2020

Overseas e-commerce companies Lazada and Shopee may lose their positions in Vietnam if they keep demonstrating limitations in protecting consumers from low-quality and fake goods.

e commerce firm tiki tables proposal to loosen ipo rules E-commerce firm Tiki tables proposal to loosen IPO rules

15:09 | 20/05/2020

Tiki has signalled ambitions of going public by submitting a proposal to ease IPO conditions in Vietnam.

big four in e commerce keep taking on losses despite firm market presence Big Four in e-commerce keep taking on losses despite firm market presence

23:29 | 04/05/2020

The "money burning" race in the local e-commerce scene is not over yet, with all Big Four competitors scampering to gain a larger market share.

tighter rules sought on e commerce trade piracy Tighter rules sought on e-commerce trade piracy

17:00 | 08/04/2020

Lack of regulations on requiring goods invoices is causing the likes of Facebook and Shopee to become indirect culprits of suffusion of goods with unidentified ...

should sea group stop pouring capital in shopee Should SEA Group stop pouring capital in Shopee?

11:04 | 08/04/2020

With the investment in Shopee seeming far from effective for Singapore-based SEA Group as the platform has been suffering tremendous losses for years now.

tiki falling behind e commerce competition Tiki falling behind e-commerce competition

11:57 | 18/03/2020

Tiki has lost its prestigious second position among Vietnamese e-commerce platforms since last year, falling to fourth place in traffic.

e commerce firms fall behind vendors taking advantage of covid 19 E-commerce firms fall behind vendors taking advantage of COVID-19

11:46 | 25/02/2020

E-commerce firms are hard-pressed to keep tabs on vendors flogging unauthenticated or downright fake goods to profiteer on the coronavirus epidemic.

japanese mask sold for vnd27 million on shopee Japanese mask sold for VND2.7 million on Shopee

15:30 | 02/02/2020

A Japanese single-use mask product is sold for VND2.7 million ($117.39) on Shopee, while not long ago it went for only VND250,000-300,000 ($10.87-13.04).

generali vietnam launches health insurance distributed in store and online Generali Vietnam launches health insurance distributed in-store and online

09:14 | 16/12/2019

Generali Vietnam officially launched “VITA – Sống Như Ý” with attractive inpatient treatment benefits and competitive premiums.

singaporean e logistics groups making waves Singaporean e-logistics groups making waves

11:06 | 07/11/2019

Singaporean investors are continuing to pour capital into e-logistics firms to tap into the fast-growing market in Vietnam.

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