industrial sector continues being the key driver of economic growth Industrial sector continues being the key driver of economic growth

11:58 | 06/09/2019

Industrial growth should remain high and a key driver of growth, spearheaded by a burgeoning manufacturing sector, especially electronics and mining.

wage reforms make sense Wage reforms make sense

17:38 | 11/03/2013

Proposed wage reforms have got businesses thinking.

a heavier hand to slap polluting fies A heavier hand to slap polluting FIEs

17:15 | 04/02/2013

Many foreign invested enterprises have contributed to Vietnam’s economic growth—but some have also damaged the country’s land, water and air, as VIR’s Khoi Nguyen

tax sector budgets for success Tax sector budgets for success

09:51 | 24/01/2013

General Department of Taxation deputy chief Vu Van Truong tell VIR about the tax sector’s achievements in 2012 and ways to complete the government’s tasks ...

fies bring jobs to a big labour pool FIEs bring jobs to a big labour pool

10:21 | 03/01/2013

Foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam have over the past years generated lots of jobs for local workers. And their thirst for such workers has never ...

stability measures merit praise Stability measures merit praise

10:55 | 02/01/2013

While Vietnam has maintained macroeconomic stability for a period of 18 months or longer, restructuring the economy holds the key to reviving its growth prospects, ...

sector is busy turning heads Sector is busy turning heads

13:06 | 25/12/2012

Vietnam’s agro-forestry-aquatic sector continues to spread its roots despite turbulent economic times.

transfer pricing in gun sights Transfer pricing in gun sights

15:09 | 19/12/2012

The State Presidential Office has held a press meeting announcing State President’s Order on the promulgation of amended and supplemented Law on Tax Administration, a ...

a real estate thaw get real A real estate thaw? Get real

16:53 | 17/12/2012

Vietnam’s frozen real estate market is unlikely to thaw in 2013, and may not rebound before a restructuring of the domestic banking industry addresses ...

private sectors role highlighted in government agenda Private sector’s role highlighted in government agenda 1

13:00 | 12/12/2012

The government, in a bold move, is prepared to think out of the square to innovate its policy-making.

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