trump urges democrats to join hands but remains defiant Trump urges Democrats to join hands, but remains defiant

11:04 | 08/11/2018

US President Donald Trump offered an olive branch to Democrats, praising their leader and likely next House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

first polls close as voters decide control of us congress First polls close as voters decide control of US Congress

12:21 | 07/11/2018

All 435 seats in the House, 35 seats in the 100-member Senate and 36 of the 50 state governorships are up for grabs.

trump makes final push in us midterm elections Trump makes final push in US midterm elections

11:10 | 06/11/2018

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump embarked on a whirlwind final push across three states on Monday (Nov 5) to stop Democrats from breaking his Republicans' stranglehold on ...

Republicans set to challenge Obama on US foreign policy

11:40 | 03/11/2010

After a big victory in legislative elections, Republicans will likely challenge President Barack Obama on a range of foreign policy issues, questioning his approach to ...

Republicans grab share of power, in blow to Obama

11:39 | 03/11/2010

Resurgent Republicans smashed the Democratic power monopoly Tuesday, exit polls projected, in a sickening blow to President Barack Obama just two years after he took ...

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