debt burden risks budget stability Debt burden risks budget stability 1

10:00 | 28/05/2021

Vietnam has had outstanding economic development in recent decades, even through the pandemic so far. However, public debt remains a concern among government officials who ...

tight control of debt safeguarding finances Tight control of debt safeguarding finances 

13:51 | 26/11/2020

Vietnam has continued to bring public debt under its control, thus ensuring financial security for the country.

fifteen targets on economic restructuring in 2016 2020 fulfilled Fifteen targets on economic restructuring in 2016-2020 fulfilled

14:57 | 21/10/2020

Fifteen among 22 targets set in the National Assembly’s Resolution 24/2016/QH14 on economic restructuring during 2016-2020 have been or are likely to be fulfilled in ...

growth to spur via raised public debt Growth to spur via raised public debt

09:00 | 15/07/2020

The government is planning to raise the country’s public debt in an aim to spur on the economy’s aggregate demand, creating opportunities for international organisations ...

public debt a big risk for vns economy say experts Public debt a big risk for VN's economy, say experts

11:09 | 26/03/2019

The State budget deficit, which regularly remains at a high level, and rising public debt are among the biggest macro-economic risks facing Vietnam, making it ...

some taxing questions cannot be ignored Some taxing questions cannot be ignored

20:02 | 03/02/2018

It’s a well-worn cliché that one cannot escape death and taxes. However, it does not mean they are accepted unquestioned.

alarm at soes debt levels Alarm at SOEs’ debt levels

16:21 | 06/08/2012

The prime minister said public debt must not exceed 65 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020, state-owned enterprises’ (SOEs) debt ...

loans secure sustainable growth Loans secure sustainable growth

14:07 | 26/10/2011

Government debts are high on the agenda at the National Assembly 2011 second session, currently underway in Hanoi.

vietnams debt indexes are safe Vietnam’s debt indexes are safe

09:12 | 18/10/2011

Vietnam’s debt indexes are at safe levels, with public debt managed tightly, domestic and external debts paid and having no bad debt, said the Ministry ...

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