power sector tickers prove alluring Power sector tickers prove alluring

15:13 | 03/12/2018

Many power firms reported rosy business performance amid growing liberalisation, which has fuelled market competition and bolstered production.

banks report rosy first half profit picture Banks report rosy first-half profit picture

09:00 | 04/07/2018

Banks expect a buoyant profit picture in the first six months of this year in the wake of positive credit growth and rising incomes from ...

banks to profit from calm approach Banks to profit from calm approach

14:43 | 18/03/2013

Banks are taking a calm approach to 2013 profit targets amid a stormy economy.

bitter sweet 2011 for banks Bitter-sweet 2011 for banks

11:20 | 13/07/2011

Bank profit margins in 2011’s first half were split on the back of economic uncertainties.

small banks have big hill to climb Small banks have big hill to climb

15:38 | 08/06/2011

Local banks face mounting challenges to meet 2011’s profit targets on the back of economic vulnerabilities.

banks think big despite hiccups Banks think big despite hiccups

18:01 | 19/04/2011

Big banks are weighting up high profit targets for 2011 despite current economic vulnerabilities.

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