reaching high for the fortune global 500 Reaching high for the Fortune Global 500

11:47 | 25/09/2019

Vietnam is being encouraged to focus more on development of a skilled workforce, the domestic private sector, and improvement of regulations to realise its ambitious ...

initial cptpp gains with more to come Initial CPTPP gains with more to come 

16:00 | 08/05/2019

Vietnam’s joining of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership is expected to boost the country’s exports, and give the private sector more opportunities ...

opening vietnam up to industry 40 Opening Vietnam up to Industry 4.0

13:06 | 08/05/2019

The country’s big potential in IT and large smartphone penetration are the key enablers for Vietnam to develop its digital economy. However, a national strategy ...

proposing moves for supporting future businesses Proposing moves for supporting future businesses

13:01 | 08/05/2019

On the occasion of the Vietnam Private Sector Economic Forum 2019 taking place in Hanoi last week, a number of Vietnamese entrepreneurs talked with VIR ...

smoothing the journey Smoothing the journey

12:32 | 08/05/2019

Vietnam is working towards creating one million private businesses next year. In order to reach this goal, with those able to develop strongly and equally, ...

vietnamese private sector from zero to big leap Vietnamese private sector: From zero to big leap

16:28 | 03/05/2019

The Vietnamese private sector has gone on a journey from “no” to “yes,” suffering stumbles to become mature.

keys for vietnam tourism to take off Keys for Vietnam tourism to take-off

16:02 | 03/05/2019

At a session of Vietnam Private Sector Economic Forum 2019, experts discussed accelerating the development of the local tourism sector.

private sector needs more impetus pm Private sector needs more impetus: PM

15:48 | 03/05/2019

The private sector plays a crucial role in the national economy and should be given impetus to develop.

vietnam private sector economic forum session 3 Vietnam Private Sector Economic Forum - session 3

15:24 | 02/05/2019

The Vietnam Private Sector Economic Forum opened in Hanoi this morning with the participation of Party, Government and legislature leaders, academia, and business representatives.

titans of female entrepreneurship Titans of female entrepreneurship

08:00 | 02/05/2019

In the development of the Vietnamese economy, more women are running businesses across the country. There are around 145,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises currently run ...

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