vingroup dives into pharmaceuticals with 11 vinfa stores Vingroup dives into pharmaceuticals with 11 VinFa stores

11:51 | 13/11/2018

The launching of conglomerate Vingroup’s VinFa took place shortly after Mobile World and FPT Retail set foot in the pharmaceutical sector.

pharmaceuticals stay on course for stronger year end Pharmaceuticals stay on course for stronger year-end

14:00 | 02/11/2018

Despite some jitters, the business performance of Vietnam’s largest drugmakers took an uphill route in the first three quarters of 2018, with exports set to ...

pharmaceutical retail market welcomes newcomer Pharmaceutical retail market welcomes newcomer

18:19 | 26/09/2018

Numerous large-scale enterprises, including FPT Retail, are breaking into the pharmaceuticals segment, but investors are sceptical about FPT Retail's chances.

more pharmaceutical firms want to remove fol More pharmaceutical firms want to remove FOL

07:53 | 17/09/2018

PME is the latest company to announce intentions to remove its FOL, following Duoc Hau Giang and Domesco.

taisho inches towards domination at dhg Taisho inches towards domination at DHG

17:42 | 07/07/2018

Taisho Group registered to buy an additional 7.06 per cent (9.2 million shares) in DHG as the next step in its plan to step-by-step acquire ...

zuellig pharma on mohs drug radar Zuellig Pharma on MoH’s drug radar

10:58 | 24/05/2018

The Ministry of Health is sounding the war horn for a charge against distribution of pharmaceuticals under the cover of providing preserving services by some ...

vietnam medi pharm expo 2018 connecting healthcare providers Vietnam Medi Pharm Expo 2018: connecting healthcare providers

10:58 | 17/05/2018

Vietnam Medi Pharm Expo 2018 will be the playground for medical experts and businesses to mingle, promote their products, and expand professional networks.

celtrion group to build 800 million pharmaceutical factory Celtrion Group to build $800-million pharmaceutical factory

13:54 | 10/05/2018

Adding to the excitement of investments in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical sector, Celtrion Group from South Korea also found opportunities to join the game.

digiworld to strengthen fmcg involvement after year of success Digiworld to strengthen FMCG involvement after year of success

12:09 | 26/04/2018

Digiworld expects to earn around VND200 billion ($8.8 million) in revenue after one year in the FMCG sector.

domestic pharmaceuticals stocks send good vibes to abbott and taisho Domestic pharmaceuticals stocks send good vibes to Abbott and Taisho

15:27 | 26/03/2018

Pharmaceutical stocks have been forecast to thrive as deals are being announced left and right.

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