french yellow vest boxer on trial for punching police French 'yellow vest' boxer on trial for punching police

08:53 | 14/02/2019

A former boxer who became a hero to some of France's "yellow vest" protesters after being filmed punching police officers during a demonstration in Paris ...

10000 march in paris against yellow vest violence 10,000 march in Paris against 'yellow vest' violence

08:43 | 28/01/2019

More than 10,000 people marched through Paris on Sunday (Jan 27) in protest at "yellow vest" violence during the anti-government demos that have drawn tens ...

four on trial in paris over horsemeat scandal Four on trial in Paris over horsemeat scandal

08:58 | 22/01/2019

Four people went on trial in Paris on Monday (Jan 21) over a 2013 meat scandal in Europe that saw millions of meals withdrawn from ...

pair with fake guns spark panic at paris airport Pair with fake guns spark panic at Paris airport

20:37 | 26/12/2018

Two people holding replica guns sparked a panic at Paris' main Charles de Gaulle airport on Wednesday (Dec 25) before they were quickly arrested, sources ...

thousands march for climate in paris despite yellow vest unrest Thousands march for climate in Paris despite 'yellow vest' unrest

03:09 | 09/12/2018

Up to 25,000 people marched through Paris on Saturday (Dec 8) urging greater action on climate change, despite fears that their protest would be scuppered ...

paris on knife edge ahead of new yellow vest protests Paris on knife-edge ahead of new 'yellow vest' protests

10:35 | 08/12/2018

Businesses in Paris battened down the hatches on Friday (Dec 7) and streets were cleared of material that could be used as weapons amid fears ...

anarchists butchers and finance workers in court over paris riots Anarchists, butchers and finance workers in court over Paris riots

09:30 | 05/12/2018

PARIS: Sometimes bruised or with black eyes, demonstrators arrested during anti-government rioting in central Paris on Saturday have appeared in court, showcasing the diverse backgrounds ...

macron surveys damage after paris riots calls for talks Macron surveys damage after Paris riots, calls for talks

14:01 | 03/12/2018

The government has not ruled out imposing a state of emergency to combat the protests, which began over fuel taxes but have grown into wider ...

trump putin absent for leaders symbolic walk in paris rain Trump, Putin absent for leaders' symbolic walk in Paris rain

09:07 | 12/11/2018

PARIS: United in the rain, world leaders walked slowly up the Champs-Elysees in Paris to mark a century since the end of World War I ...

world leaders mark 100 years since wwi armistice in paris World leaders mark 100 years since WWI Armistice in Paris

08:54 | 12/11/2018

Around 70 leaders including US President Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin marked the centenary of the 1918 Armistice in the French capital.

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