biophap pioneers in promoting organic agricultural practices Biophap: Pioneers in promoting organic agricultural practices

15:25 | 07/03/2019

Tyna Giang, co-founder of Biophap, has won the trust of the Bahnar ethnic group in the Central Highlands region by turning them towards organic agriculture.

agriculture gets much needed boost from legislators Agriculture gets much-needed boost from legislators

08:00 | 28/01/2019

The legal documents enacted or amended in 2018 are a great push for investment in agriculture, but there remain ample obstacles to attracting investment.

organic firms need to do research Organic firms need to do research

09:42 | 11/12/2018

Companies interested in organic agriculture should engage in market research and brand building, and not just simply chase trends without having first identified buyers, experts ...

developing organic agriculture inevitable trend Developing organic agriculture - inevitable trend

15:19 | 23/03/2018

Vietnam is now one of the 170 countries with organic farming models in the world.

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