virus rouses food safety awareness Virus rouses food safety awareness

14:00 | 14/02/2020

Supermarkets and retailers are making bank from the public rushing to stock up on indispensable food supplies, which could ultimately push forward an increase in ...

orfarm opens agri tourism Orfarm opens agri-tourism

20:36 | 23/01/2020

Two seemingly unrelated economic fields, agriculture and tourism, have partnered harmoniously to generate unique products, attracting domestic and particularly foreign visitors and opening a new ...

orfarm spearheads organic thinking for vietnams agriculture Orfarm spearheads organic thinking for Vietnam’s agriculture

14:28 | 06/01/2020

Although the prices of organic products are higher than refined or processed equivalents, this is offset by their precious value to human health and the ...

consumers begin to feel pork pinch Consumers begin to feel pork pinch

17:26 | 12/12/2019

The continuous price rise for Vietnam’s most favourite type of meat over the last few months, caused by the recent African swine fever outbreak, puts ...

organic foods healthy baby happy mother Organic foods, healthy baby, happy mother

08:49 | 03/06/2019

On Children Day, ORFARM organised a nutritional day with meaningful activities and valuable gifts for kids and parents.

tackling food risks organically Tackling food risks organically

07:00 | 23/11/2018

With a great belief in the relationship between quality organic food and a healthy environment, ORFARM founder and CEO Bui Bich Lien has chosen the ...

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