nghi son refinery celebrates first anniversary Nghi Son Refinery celebrates first anniversary

18:05 | 13/12/2019

Nghi Son Refinery has produced 4.6 million tonnes of petroleum fuel products in its first year, meeting around 33 per cent of Vietnam’s fuel demand.

nghi son refinery starts commercial operations in november Nghi Son refinery starts commercial operations in November

10:04 | 12/12/2018

Nghi Son Petrochemical Refinery officially came into commercial operation on November 14, after more than four years of construction.

production boosted by new launches Production boosted by new launches

08:00 | 10/08/2018

Some major projects boosting their operations have contributed to the Vietnamese economy’s seven-month industrial growth, which is expected to continue its uptrend until the end ...

9 billion nghi son refinery ready for operation $9-billion Nghi Son refinery ready for operation

14:47 | 01/03/2018

On February 28, Nghi Son Refinery Co., Ltd. (NSRP) announced that Nghi Son Petrochemical Refinery (RFR) is ready for production.

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