nestle vietnam embodies swiss core business values Nestlé Vietnam embodies Swiss core business values

09:00 | 22/07/2019

The visit of head of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research Guy Parmelin to Nestlé Vietnam’s Tri An factory showed that ...

nestle vietnam forging commitment for a healthier environment Nestlé Vietnam forging commitment for a healthier environment

10:35 | 23/06/2019

Nestlé Vietnam has eagerly joined the movement on reducing plastic waste which was recently launched by the prime minister and the MoNRE.

nestle vietnam rolls out fresh low sugar milk products Nestlé Vietnam rolls-out fresh low-sugar milk products

13:41 | 08/05/2019

Nestlé Vietnam has just launched a new lineup of instant low-sugar milk products to add to its existing assortment of sterilised nutritional milk products.

nestle welcoming growth and ftas Nestlé welcoming growth and FTAs

09:00 | 18/03/2019

Swiss food giant Nestlé has just announced new investments in Vietnam as it looks forward to strong growth in the domestic market and Vietnam’s rising ...

nestle vietnam launches cutting edge distribution centre in hung yen Nestlé Vietnam launches cutting-edge distribution centre in Hung Yen

16:10 | 13/03/2019

Nestlé Vietnam inaugurated its Hung Yen distribution centre yesterday, its biggest in the northern region.

nestle vietnam grows with local consumers Nestlé Vietnam grows with local consumers

11:00 | 14/02/2019

As Vietnam moves towards urbanisation, nutrition, health, and wellness have become a top priority for local consumers...

nestle vietnam vows close co operation with vietnamese partners Nestlé Vietnam vows close co-operation with Vietnamese partners

18:20 | 21/01/2019

Nestlé Vietnam commits to closely co-operate with Vietnamese partners and make long-term investments for the sustainable development of Vietnam.

nestle brings out highest quality of vietnams coffee Nestlé brings out highest quality of Vietnam’s coffee

08:00 | 17/12/2018

Nestlé has showcased its commitment to Vietnam’s coffee industry through a wide range of collaborations and initiatives. William Mackereth, supply chain director of Nestlé Vietnam, ...

nescafe plan devotes to vietnamese coffee sustainable development NESCAFÉ Plan devotes to Vietnamese coffee sustainable development

10:03 | 12/12/2018

Nestlé Vietnam was praised at the Vietnamese Coffee Day for its contributions to the industry through its NESCAFÉ Plan.

nescafe promotes vietnamese coffee to the world NESCAFÉ promotes Vietnamese coffee to the world

21:10 | 10/12/2018

Nestlé Vietnam's NESCAFE Plan sustainable coffee cultivation model completes the coffee value chain from coffee farms to consumers.

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