alliance combats plastic waste Alliance combats plastic waste

13:00 | 26/06/2019

The government, along with the business community and regular citizens in Vietnam, are together striving to limit plastic waste and eager to further assist in ...

nestle awes with sustainability goals Nestlé awes with sustainability goals

09:13 | 10/06/2019

Vietnam’s quest towards creating a circular economy is receiving great support from international corporations in the country, most notably the Swiss group Nestlé.

co operation raising local peoples lives Co-operation raising local people’s lives

09:39 | 15/05/2019

Swiss giant Nestlé is leading numerous public-private partnership initiatives to improve the health of Vietnamese people, especially children.

nestle welcoming growth and ftas Nestlé welcoming growth and FTAs

09:00 | 18/03/2019

Swiss food giant Nestlé has just announced new investments in Vietnam as it looks forward to strong growth in the domestic market and Vietnam’s rising ...

nestle brings out highest quality of vietnams coffee Nestlé brings out highest quality of Vietnam’s coffee

08:00 | 17/12/2018

Nestlé has showcased its commitment to Vietnam’s coffee industry through a wide range of collaborations and initiatives. William Mackereth, supply chain director of Nestlé Vietnam, ...

nestle leading the way in tax compliance practices Nestlé leading the way in tax compliance practices

08:59 | 05/11/2018

Nestlé Vietnam, a leading nutrition, health and wellness company, has picked up yet ­another accolade from a local administration, attesting to the company’s long-term investment ...

no surprise coca cola is the worlds largest plastic waste producer No surprise: Coca-cola is the world’s largest plastic waste producer

14:11 | 15/10/2018

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Nestlé have been identified as the top plastic waste producers, according to Greenpeace.

nestle pays us 715 billion to market starbucks products Nestle pays US$7.15 billion to market Starbucks products 1

13:57 | 07/05/2018

Nestle will pay Starbucks US$7.15 billion as part of a global coffee alliance in which the Swiss-based food giant is getting the rights to market ...

nestle vietnam brews nescafe growth Nestlé Vietnam brews Nescafe growth 1

07:00 | 26/09/2011

“The strategy is to sustainably improve the quality and quantity of Vietnamese coffee as well as incomes of coffee growers.”

nestle announced 270 million new coffee factory in vietnam Nestle announced $270 million new coffee factory in Vietnam

20:00 | 09/08/2011

Nestle today announced a $270 million investment in a new coffee factory in Vietnam.

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