binh minh plastic face difficulties despite nawaplastic backing Binh Minh Plastic face difficulties despite Nawaplastic backing

10:41 | 29/04/2019

After one year of holding the largest stake in BMP, Nawaplastic has yet to join the company management and BMP still reports bleak business.

nawaplastic lifts ownership in bmp to over 5439 per cent Nawaplastic lifts ownership in BMP to over 54.39 per cent

16:21 | 12/07/2018

Nawaplastic bought 1.17 million more shares in BMP to increase its holding from 52.96 to 54.39 per cent.

taisho inches towards domination at dhg Taisho inches towards domination at DHG

17:42 | 07/07/2018

Taisho Group registered to buy an additional 7.06 per cent (9.2 million shares) in DHG as the next step in its plan to step-by-step acquire ...

nawaplastic still hungry for binh minh plastic shares Nawaplastic still hungry for Binh Minh Plastic shares

10:42 | 17/06/2018

Owning a dominant stake in Binh Minh Plastic (BMP) did not quench Nawaplastic Industry Co., Ltd. (Nawaplastic)’s thirst for BMP shares.

nawaplastic acquires dominant stake in binh minh plastic Nawaplastic acquires dominant stake in Binh Minh Plastic

09:00 | 12/06/2018

After buying an additional 1.69 million shares in BMP, Nawaplastic Industry Co., Ltd. holds the dominant stake in the country’s leading plastic producer.

nawaplastic reports immense savings on bmp acquisition Nawaplastic reports immense savings on BMP acquisition

14:37 | 04/06/2018

Nawaplastic Industry Co., Ltd. makes massive savings by acquiring the shares of BMP step-by-step rather than buying a major share volume in a single purchase.

nawaplastic acquires majority interest in binh minh plastics Nawaplastic acquires majority interest in Binh Minh Plastics

11:16 | 18/04/2018

Nawaplastic, a subsidiary of Thailand's SCG, has completed the purchase of an additional 185,970 shares in BMP, bringing SCG's holdings to 50.12 per cent.

foreign investors turn to ma to increase soe holdings Foreign investors turn to M&A to increase SOE holdings

13:43 | 04/04/2018

Foreign investors at state-owned firms are looking to increase their holdings via M&A deals to solidify their footholds in Vietnam.

nawaplastic official boost holding in binh minh plastic to 50 per cent Nawaplastic official boost holding in Binh Minh Plastic to 50 per cent

11:30 | 10/03/2018

Nawaplastic, a subsidiary of Thailand's SCG, bought 99.9 per cent of the offered shares in Binh Minh Plastic JSC (BMP) at the auction organised on ...

nawaplastic to boost holdings in binh minh plastic to 50 per cent Nawaplastic to boost holdings in Binh Minh Plastic to 50 per cent

16:43 | 03/03/2018

Nawaplastic, a subsidiary of Thailand's SCG, will buy the 24.16 million shares or 29.51 per cent of the stakes put on offer by Binh Minh ...

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