myanmar markets in vietnams reach Myanmar markets in Vietnam’s reach

09:02 | 25/12/2019

An action programme for beefing up bilateral co-operation between Vietnam and Myanmar will lead both nations to further rivet their investment ties, with new sectors ...

vn myanmar agree to work closely in 2020 VN, Myanmar agree to work closely in 2020

10:19 | 16/11/2019

Viet Nam and Myanmar have agreed to work closely in 2020 as the former will assume the ASEAN Chairmanship and a non-permanent member of the ...

flames and fireworks as myanmar fire balloon fest opens Flames and fireworks as Myanmar fire balloon fest opens

09:19 | 06/11/2019

The gigantic hot air balloon folded into itself and fell in a ball of flames, scattering onlookers below at the beginning of Myanmar's stunning yet ...

prime minister to pay official visits to kuwait myanmar Prime Minister to pay official visits to Kuwait, Myanmar

17:00 | 21/10/2019

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, his spouse and a high-level Government delegation will pay official visits to Kuwait from October 26-27 and Myanmar from October ...

myanmar to join us asean maritime drills despite sanctions Myanmar to join US-ASEAN maritime drills despite sanctions

10:35 | 29/08/2019

Myanmar's navy will join maritime drills with the US in Southeast Asia next week, a spokesman said Wednesday (Aug 28), in a rare show of ...

everything is gone 41 dead dozens missing after myanmar landslide 'Everything is gone': 41 dead, dozens missing after Myanmar landslide

09:50 | 11/08/2019

The death toll from a landslide triggered by monsoon rains in eastern Myanmar rose to at least 41, an official said late Saturday (Aug 10), ...

myanmar floods force tens of thousands from homes Myanmar floods force tens of thousands from homes

09:42 | 09/08/2019

Raging floods across Myanmar have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in recent weeks, officials said on Thursday (Aug 8), as monsoon ...

turning challenges of trade war into opportunities for clmvt countries Turning challenges of trade war into opportunities for CLMVT countries

12:20 | 24/06/2019

Experts at CLMVT Forum 2019 confirmed that Vietnam is the greatest beneficiary of the US-China trade war as corporations are moving production bases from China.

protectionism slammed as southeast asian leaders rally to trade pact Protectionism slammed as Southeast Asian leaders rally to trade pact

21:50 | 23/06/2019

Thailand's premier made an impassioned plea against protectionism on Sunday (Jun 23) at a meeting of Southeast Asian leaders where the fallout from the US-China ...

toyota announces first plant in myanmar Toyota announces first plant in Myanmar

12:00 | 31/05/2019

Japanese automaker Toyota said Thursday (May 30) it will open its first vehicle production plant in Myanmar, as the country's auto market grows and the ...

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