vpbank launched yolo digital bank for the youth VPBank launched YOLO digital bank for the youth

15:24 | 18/09/2018

VPBank has officially launched an innovative digital bank integrated with sophisticated tools for the young generation named “YOLO”..

volatility in top management positions at banks Volatility in top management positions at banks

13:52 | 18/09/2018

Despite high incomes, top-level bank personnel are witnessing rapid face changes this season.

changing the poors perceptions on finance Changing the poor’s perceptions on finance

14:01 | 10/09/2018

Policy credit programmes have helped change the financial perception among the poor on savings, self-raising funds, and accumulating for the future.

vib finances nearly 300 million for sme transactions VIB finances nearly $300 million for SME transactions

18:04 | 05/09/2018

VIB has just been named the leading SME Trade Bank by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), thanks to its $276 million trade financing during the ...

eximbanks sp outlook revised to stable Eximbank’s S&P outlook revised to stable

18:40 | 24/08/2018

Eximbank has been revised to Stable from Negative by Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings.

facebook corners global advertising by selling user data Facebook corners global advertising by selling user data?

11:54 | 09/04/2018

Through their user data business, Facebook and Google in 2017 embraced a quarter of the $100-billion global online advertising market, according to Experian.

ransomware gandcrab attacks vietnam Ransomware GandCrab attacks Vietnam

10:12 | 07/04/2018

A large number of Vietnamese businesses are in distress after ransomware GandCrab attacked their computers, demanding a ransom of $400-1,000.

in feng shui money is not an issue In feng shui, money is not an issue

08:00 | 21/02/2018

As the Lunar New Year approaches, it is time for people to renovate their homes, updating feng shui objects in the house to bring about ...

bauer ready to hammer home its advantages Bauer ready to hammer home its advantages

08:56 | 25/12/2012

After six years of operation in Vietnam, Germany-based Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH, a global leading foundation construction, expects this market to provide leverage for expanding its ...

the game is on The game is on

10:04 | 02/10/2012

The recent opening of the 4,000-room Sheraton Macau Hotel’s first tower was the realization of US casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson’s vision of a fully ...

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