tightened monetary policy forecast for q4 2018 Tightened monetary policy forecast for Q4 2018

09:18 | 08/10/2018

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) will likely continue its tightened monetary policy in the remaining months of the year after its decision to strictly ...

exchange rates to follow market rules Exchange rates to follow market rules

09:05 | 25/02/2013

State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Governor Nguyen Van Binh has said exchange rates in 2013 will be adjusted in accordance with market practices.

avoiding the year end pressures Avoiding the year-end pressures

21:17 | 23/10/2011

Monetary policy will continue to be crucial in constraining the traditional inflation blowout during the final months of the year.

recalibration of policy needed Recalibration of policy needed

08:00 | 03/10/2011

As the spectre of stagnation appears on the horizon, it may be time for Vietnam to consider a different policy direction.

gold fever proves contagious Gold fever proves contagious

07:00 | 19/09/2011

"Wall Street could easily press the gold price back to $1,200-$1,500, draining China’s reserves, as it did to OPEC countries when the gold price fell ...

markets death walk Market’s death walk

23:32 | 07/08/2011

Vietnam’s stock market last month continued its gloomy trading days with record low liquidity and prices of numerous blue-chips unchanged.

tough cure needed for ailing forex market Tough cure needed for ailing forex market

20:25 | 05/02/2011

Over the past decade, the trade deficit along with high inflation has been named as the most alarming threat to Vietnam’s macroeconomy and to monetary ...

experts warn of more rises to cpi Experts warn of more rises to CPI

08:00 | 24/01/2011

Some experts are worried that the on-going tighter monetary policy is unlikely to curb rises in the consumer price index in 2011.

Bank of England policymakers split at rate meeting: minutes

08:23 | 18/11/2010

Bank of England policymakers were divided at their latest meeting earlier this month when they held interest rates at a record low and opted against ...

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