fate of numerous loss making projects remains uncertain Fate of numerous loss-making projects remains uncertain

08:19 | 26/09/2018

While some of the 12 loss-making projects have managed to turn around, some of them are still wallowing in difficulties.

mof tables wide scale proposal on gambling and casino business MoF tables wide-scale proposal on gambling and casino business

18:13 | 20/08/2018

The MoF's proposal to cut investment conditions on segments like casino, lottery, and betting, would stimulate investors to implement their projects.

vat plan would hit household welfare vepr VAT plan would hit household welfare: VEPR

10:13 | 29/06/2018

The Ministry of Finance’s (MOF) two proposals to increase value-added tax (VAT) would have various impacts on the overall economy and household welfare, said Nguyen ...

vinalines on firmer ground for ipo and strategic stake sale Vinalines on firmer ground for IPO and strategic stake sale

17:44 | 01/06/2018

Positive responses from ministries will accelerate Vinalines' IPO and place it in a better position to look for strategic foreign investors.

mof floats securities streamlining MoF floats securities streamlining

09:44 | 07/05/2018

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has proposed slashing 38 business conditions and simplifying 40 administrative procedures in the securities sector in its law review this ...

foreign automakers switch to trading as vietnamese scale up production Foreign automakers switch to trading as Vietnamese scale up production

17:02 | 24/04/2018

While foreign-invested manufacturers have shifted to importing cars for domestic sale, Vietnamese enterprises have increased investments and expanded production, vowing to develop a domestic automobile ...

sabeco urged to pay 1098 million tax arrears Sabeco urged to pay $109.8 million tax arrears

16:18 | 10/04/2018

MoF urged Sabeco to pay VND2.5 trillion ($109.8 million) in tax arrears after its undeclared profit of VND2.8 trillion ($123.01 million) in 2016.

ministries disagree on solutions to collect tax from google facebook Ministries disagree on solutions to collect tax from Google, Facebook

15:25 | 09/04/2018

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) wants the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) to instruct commercial banks to withhold taxes from transactions with Facebook and Google, ...

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