the expansion plan of miniso is outdated The expansion plan of MINISO is outdated?

12:42 | 21/11/2020

Even as physical stores are getting out of date, Japanese-looking MINISO is still targeting expansion by using capital mobilised from the US stock market. 

japanese looking miniso officially listed on nyse Japanese-looking Miniso officially listed on NYSE

17:35 | 19/10/2020

The boss of China-based household item retailer Miniso has become a new billionaire within a few days of taking the company on the US stock ...

mumuso and miniso under scrutiny Mumuso and Miniso under scrutiny 1

16:00 | 25/07/2018

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has upheld a decision to impose inspections on Mumuso Vietnam, signalling the first step in handling the selling of ...

mumuso origin scandal deepens Mumuso origin scandal deepens 1

13:24 | 13/06/2018

Korean television MBC in a feature on Mumuso demonstrated that the inscriptions on the company's products are gibberish.

miniso and mumuso flogging chinese goods in vietnam Miniso and Mumuso flogging Chinese goods in Vietnam?

09:49 | 11/05/2018

Miniso, Mumuso, and Daiso are accused of selling Chinese goods under the guise of Japanese and Korean companies.

questionable origins may spell doom for newcomer miniso Questionable origins may spell doom for newcomer Miniso

15:42 | 12/07/2016

Retailer Miniso could be off to a rocky start as Vietnamese consumers question the brand’s credibility.

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