11 imported pork for the new year $1.1 imported pork for the New Year

15:20 | 06/01/2020

The increase of cheap pork imports will contribute to dealing with the lack of pork during the Lunar New Year holiday.

consumers begin to feel pork pinch Consumers begin to feel pork pinch

17:26 | 12/12/2019

The continuous price rise for Vietnam’s most favourite type of meat over the last few months, caused by the recent African swine fever outbreak, puts ...

vietnam may lack of 500000 tonnes of pork before year is over Vietnam may lack of 500,000 tonnes of pork before year is over

19:01 | 26/08/2019

The ASF may put Vietnam 500,000 tonnes short of pork (or 20 per cent of total market demand) by the end of this year, opening ...

poles take aim at vietnam Poles take aim at Vietnam

15:53 | 15/09/2012

Polandis promoting new trade efforts to export fresh meat and other food products to Vietnam.

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