developing groups on a global scale Developing groups on a global scale

08:00 | 07/05/2021

Private conglomerates have been making a splash in recent times, with big names like Vingroup, Masan Group, and Nova Group starting to turn heads outside ...

sk group to acquire 1626 per cent stake in vincommerce SK Group to acquire 16.26 per cent stake in VinCommerce

12:12 | 06/04/2021

SK Group will acquire a 16.26 per cent stake in VinCommerce for a total cash consideration of $410 million.

vincommerce realisation of masan group point of life business strategy VinCommerce, realisation of Masan Group “Point of Life” business strategy

16:20 | 30/03/2021

More than a year under one roof with Masan Group, the restructuring strategy has brought a facelift to the operations of VinCommerce.

domestic food and beverage industry has development potential Domestic food and beverage industry has development potential

16:40 | 19/02/2021

The domestic food and beverage market has great potential for development despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to experts.

strong home brands pursued post ma Strong home brands pursued post-M&A

11:44 | 20/01/2021

As more foreign companies snap up local businesses, brand development post-mergers and acquisitions has become a hot topic, especially in terms of how to retain ...

masan accelerating towards full year performance goals Masan accelerating towards full-year performance goals

09:09 | 23/11/2020

One of Vietnam’s largest private conglomerates, Masan Group, grabbed double-digit growth across consumer-related business segments in the third quarter this year, paving the way for ...

masan high tech materials to forge strategic alliance with mitsubishi materials Masan High-Tech Materials to forge strategic alliance with Mitsubishi Materials 1

17:52 | 26/10/2020

Masan High-Tech Materials Corporation will enter an alliance with Mitsubishi Materials Corporation to develop a leading, high-tech tungsten materials platform.

masan group to mobilise 43478 million through bonds Masan Group to mobilise $434.78 million through bonds

17:20 | 26/12/2019

Masan Group will issue 100 million bonds worth VND10 trillion ($434.78 million) altogether, with a maximum term of 36 months to expand its business, lending ...

merger may bring retail renaissance Merger may bring retail renaissance

11:24 | 12/12/2019

Vietnam’s largest conglomerate Vingroup has announced the sale of its retail and agricultural arms to Masan Group. With the move, speculation now mounts as to ...

masan group named on forbes asias 200 best 2019 Masan Group named on Forbes Asia’s 200 Best 2019

16:33 | 29/08/2019

Masan Group was one of the Vietnamese firms on Forbes Asia’s list of 200 top-performing listed companies in the Asia-Pacific with revenue above $1 billion.

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