malaysia pm muhyiddins alliance wins sabah state election Malaysia PM Muhyiddin"s alliance wins Sabah state election

11:00 | 28/09/2020

Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s alliance has won the elections in the eastern state of Sabah.

japan malaysia sign 3 billion usd currency swap deal Japan, Malaysia sign 3 billion USD currency swap deal

09:22 | 19/09/2020

Japan and Malaysia on September 18 signed a mutual currency swap arrangement to allow each side to provide the other up to 3 billion USD ...

malaysian investor presence intensifies Malaysian investor presence intensifies

09:37 | 27/08/2020

Buoyed by Vietnam’s huge potential and visible growth, Malaysian investors are keen to beef up investment activities in Vietnam.

japan malaysia to ease travel restrictions Japan, Malaysia to ease travel restrictions

09:48 | 15/08/2020

Japan and Malaysia will begin easing travel restrictions for their people from September.

former malaysian pm najib sentenced to 12 years in prison Former Malaysian PM Najib sentenced to 12 years in prison

09:25 | 29/07/2020

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the offence related to abuse of power at a trial ...

malaysia sinks 13 foreign fishing boats for trespassing its waters Malaysia sinks 13 foreign fishing boats for trespassing its waters

15:06 | 27/07/2020

Thirteen foreign fishing vessels had been sunk after they were seized for encroaching Malaysian waters as of July 2020, Deputy Agriculture and Food Industry Minister ...

more than 300 vietnamese citizens brought home from malaysia More than 300 Vietnamese citizens brought home from Malaysia

08:29 | 06/07/2020

Some 310 Vietnamese citizens were brought home from Malaysia on July 5.

malaysia reports 93 new covid 19 cases Malaysia reports 93 new COVID-19 cases

08:55 | 04/06/2020

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia reported 93 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday (Jun 3), including two Malaysians. The other 91 cases are foreigners.

malaysia newly created robot to help doctors check on covid 19 patients Malaysia: Newly-created robot to help doctors check on COVID-19 patients

17:50 | 14/04/2020

Malaysian scientists have created a robot called Medibot that they hope will make the rounds on hospital wards to check on COVID-19 patients, reducing health ...

ministry launches investigation into anti dumping duties on polyester yarn Ministry launches investigation into anti-dumping duties on polyester yarn

11:53 | 12/04/2020

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has issued a decision on investigating anti-dumping duties on polyester filament yarn (PFY) with HS codes: 5402.33.00, 5402.46.00 and ...

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