unearned currency label unlikely to stick Unearned currency label unlikely to stick

11:20 | 29/12/2020

In a 70-page report on its macroeconomic and foreign exchange policies of major trading partners, the US State Department of Treasury named Vietnam and Switzerland ...

stability measures merit praise Stability measures merit praise

10:55 | 02/01/2013

While Vietnam has maintained macroeconomic stability for a period of 18 months or longer, restructuring the economy holds the key to reviving its growth prospects, ...

government juggling hot policy issues Government juggling hot policy issues

09:35 | 06/06/2011

In the past, the government always presented “dual objectives” of ensuring macroeconomic stability and gaining a rather high growth rate. With Resolution 11, the government, ...

while yet before corner is turned While yet before corner is turned

10:26 | 04/04/2011

The equity market, by both performance and liquidity, was heavily impacted by the macroeconomic factors in 2011’s first quarter.

market learns to take bad news on the chin Market learns to take bad news on the chin

07:30 | 07/03/2011

In February, a big dollop of negative macroeconomic news was served up earlier than investors’ expectations.

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