south korean ma wave rises South Korean M&A wave rises

09:52 | 19/10/2018

South Korean investors continue to show their enthusiasm for Vietnam through recent major deals with businesses in the country.

ma deals fuel investment from asia M&A deals fuel investment from Asia

14:00 | 04/10/2018

Money from Asian investment funds is finding its way to Vietnam’s listed equities, spurred by mergers and acquisitions of conglomerates from Japan, Thailand, and South ...

ma bundling up companies in local packaging market M&A bundling up companies in local packaging market

08:57 | 06/09/2018

Mergers and acquisitions transactions in the Vietnamese packaging industry continues strongly, with local companies becoming potential targets for foreign investors.

cross border ma deals cause unsolved tax issues Cross-border M&A deals cause unsolved tax issues

08:53 | 06/09/2018

As more foreign investors buy and sell Vietnam-based assets to and from each other, the tax issue is becoming more pressing for both deal participants ...

government mulls tightening foreign bank laws Government mulls tightening foreign bank laws

11:11 | 24/08/2018

Experts have agreed with the Government’s plan to restrict or even stop licensing wholly foreign-owned banks in Vietnam, saying it was necessary to help increase ...

tips from a veteran buyer seller and advisor Tips from a veteran buyer, seller, and advisor

15:21 | 23/08/2018

Sealing a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal requires more than just the efforts from the seller and the buyer. The participation of an M&A consultant ...

cross border marriages in property optimisation towards higher efficiencies Cross-border marriages in property-Optimisation towards higher efficiencies

15:07 | 23/08/2018

An increasing number of foreign and domestic investors come together in property projects, with one party arriving with the financial resources and expertise while the ...

banks going the fintech ma route Banks going the fintech M&A route

09:00 | 17/08/2018

Vietnamese fintech companies can expect a raft of foreign financial institutions seeking a relationship with them, as the latter have found this route a promising ...

revised decree vital for aviation ma Revised decree vital for aviation M&A

09:00 | 17/08/2018

The Vietnamese government is considering revising Decree 92 to boost investment and increase development in aviation.

best in vietnamese ma honoured at ma forum Best in Vietnamese M&A  honoured at M&A Forum

08:00 | 17/08/2018

Vietnam M&A Forum 2018 last week announced the winners of the best deals and advisory firms for 2017-2018 and the decade between 2009 and 2018. ...

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