lotte mart does not falter in the face of planned heavy losses Lotte Mart does not falter in the face of “planned” heavy losses

19:12 | 08/06/2018

Lotte Vietnam Shopping JSC's CFO talks about the company's heavy losses and unshaken conviction to proceed in Vietnam.

when lotte vietnam to turn profit When Lotte Vietnam to turn profit?

16:40 | 22/05/2018

Lotte Vietnam says that it will take 5-8 years from the opening day to the breakeven point, but 11 years into business, it's still reporting ...

vietnam could be lotte marts next target for withdrawal after china Vietnam could be Lotte Mart’s next target for withdrawal after China?

12:34 | 14/05/2018

After selling most of its outlets to local companies in China, Lotte Group may look to exit Vietnam too, where it has been running losses ...

amata corp driving vietnam forward Amata Corp driving Vietnam forward

09:41 | 07/05/2012

Thailand’s leading industrial estate developer Amata Corp is developing an ambitious commercial project called Amata Commercial Complex covering nearly 20 hectares inside Dong Nai province-based ...

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