gold price drops like lead after god of wealth peak Gold price drops like lead after God of Wealth peak

11:08 | 18/02/2019

A single day after the God of Wealth day, the price of gold dropped significantly, repeating the losses of last year.

online booking firm vntripvn repeats story of e commerce startups Online booking firm repeats story of e-commerce startups

13:58 | 27/08/2018

Similar to startup enterprises, domestic online booking application has been suffering huge losses but receiving a large number of investments.

tiki launch cross border channel backed by jdcom Tiki launch cross-border channel backed by

11:46 | 18/07/2018

Despite suffering losses over the past seven years domestic e-commerce platform Tiki continues to carry out its market expansion plan, recently launching its first cross-border ...

lotte mart does not falter in the face of planned heavy losses Lotte Mart does not falter in the face of “planned” heavy losses

19:12 | 08/06/2018

Lotte Vietnam Shopping JSC's CFO talks about the company's heavy losses and unshaken conviction to proceed in Vietnam.

tundra fonder becomes major shareholder of hsg as others withdraw Tundra Fonder becomes major shareholder of HSG as others withdraw

16:16 | 23/05/2018

Tundra Fonder has just bought one million additional shares in Hoa Sen Group (HSG), while even the wife of the HSG chairman is selling all ...

when lotte vietnam to turn profit When Lotte Vietnam to turn profit?

16:40 | 22/05/2018

Lotte Vietnam says that it will take 5-8 years from the opening day to the breakeven point, but 11 years into business, it's still reporting ...

tiki reports second year of losses Tiki reports second year of losses

18:07 | 15/05/2018

Tiki’s consecutive losses raise the question whether these are still planned losses or are a result of losing the e-commerce race to competition.

inundating losses may force ha bac fertiliser out of business Inundating losses may force Ha Bac Fertiliser out of business

11:58 | 30/04/2018

Flooded by consecutive massive losses, Ha Bac Nitrogenous Fertiliser & Chemicals JSC (Ha Bac Fertiliser) may find it difficult to remain in operation.

everpia sets ambitious targets for 2018 Everpia sets ambitious targets for 2018

10:38 | 06/04/2018

Everpia deputy general director Yu Sung Dae shares the considerations behind buying out Texpia and his confidence in the company’s ambitious targets for 2018.

fate of ban phuc nickel remains murky Fate of Ban Phuc Nickel remains murky

17:41 | 23/03/2018

The fate of Ban Phuc Nickel mine invested by Ban Phuc Nickel Mines Limited Liability Company (BPNM) remains uncertain.

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