shaking up corporate bond issuance Shaking up corporate bond issuance

09:00 | 26/09/2020

Vietnam has issued new rules on corporate bonds which are expected to make positive changes in the market.

the ins and outs of ma in insurance The ins and outs of M&A in insurance

08:00 | 29/08/2020

The Vietnamese insurance market is heating up with many high-value mergers and acquisitions deals taking place over the last two years. Many others are being ...

changing the ppp game Changing the PPP game

09:00 | 28/02/2020

The long-awaited draft Law on Public-Private Partnerships is being completed with some issues of special attention among international and domestic private ventures being revised in ...

crafting a workable ppp law in 2020 Crafting a workable PPP law in 2020

08:00 | 29/01/2020

As Vietnam prepares to enter a new development period in 2021 amid global economic changes and the widespread influence of Industry 4.0 and free trade ...

finding a way for sustainable fdi attraction Finding a way for sustainable FDI attraction

15:13 | 02/12/2019

Amid rapid global changes, Vietnam is urged to take actions to increase the quality of investment flows. LNT & Partners, ALB Thomson Reuters Vietnam Law ...

building the mechanism for sturdy fdi efficiency Building the mechanism for sturdy FDI efficiency

16:00 | 04/09/2019

With significant contributions of foreign investment to Vietnam’s social-economic development over the past 30 years, Vietnam is working to increase its quality and efficiency for ...

pros of sandbox regulation for fintech Pros of sandbox regulation for fintech

13:36 | 09/07/2019

With the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the application of digital technologies for providing financial services has become the key driver in promoting financial ...

promoting cross border bot partners Promoting cross-border BOT partners

08:31 | 26/06/2019

While build-operate-transfer transport projects are proving a moderate success, considerable controversies continue to revolve around them.

the push for ppp projects in health The push for PPP projects in health 1

16:43 | 16/05/2019

Despite some growing interest, private investment in Vietnamese healthcare ventures remains low, with calls to supplement incentives for new projects in order to attract more ...

wind power barriers need removing Wind power barriers need removing

09:55 | 02/04/2019

Vietnam’s latest and most comprehensive regulation on wind power development is expected to leave much room for improvement.

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