why is king palace perceived as a high end project of the capital Why is King Palace perceived as a high-end project of the capital?

11:54 | 16/11/2019

King Palace developer has created an art of work and looking for the right owners.

impressive 69 metre high ceilings at the marq Impressive 6.9 metre high ceilings at The Marq

08:00 | 03/10/2019

A true living space is not merely a shelter, but also a source of daily inspiration, so that each passing second is a memorable moment. ...

vir awards 20 trend setters in living space VIR awards 20 trend-setters in living space

14:05 | 28/03/2018

VIR handed out the awards for the 20 projects creating “A new benchmark for living space.”

vir awards winners of a new benchmark for living space poll VIR awards winners of "A new benchmark for living space" poll

16:29 | 27/03/2018

The ceremony to honour the 20 living spaces and a discussion with the developers will take place tomorrow at the headquarters of Vietnam Investment Review.

new values in demand for living space New values in demand for living space

19:00 | 07/03/2018

As homebuyers are paying increasing attention to their future home’s living space, the quality of services and other living values have now become their top ...

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