tightened monetary policy forecast for q4 2018 Tightened monetary policy forecast for Q4 2018

09:18 | 08/10/2018

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) will likely continue its tightened monetary policy in the remaining months of the year after its decision to strictly ...

central bank takes no responsibility for black lending Central bank takes no responsibility for 'black' lending

15:36 | 03/10/2018

Some online lenders that offer very high interest rates are in fact a form of ‘black’ credit and the State Bank of Viet Nam (SBV) ...

banks tighten lending rules Banks tighten lending rules

11:13 | 05/05/2018

Many commercial banks in the country have increased loan interest rates by 1-2 per cent to investors in real estate as property prices continue to ...

getting back in business a curly question Getting back in business a curly question

17:00 | 02/04/2013

How to help firms back in business is being weighed up by market players and the banking chief.

lending to start climbing north Lending to start climbing north

17:00 | 26/02/2013

Banks’ consumer lending is expected to heat up in the wake of a state policy incentive proposal to be rolled out this quarter.

banks suffer soft credit demand Banks suffer soft credit demand

14:28 | 05/02/2013

Championing consumer lending, particularly car purchases, has proven tough for banks amid impotent market demand.

banks look to cash in on higher credit growth Banks look to cash in on higher credit growth

14:23 | 23/01/2013

Commercial banks are trying to increase credit growth this year as the State Bank has given them a target of 12 per cent.

fx fears give firms a wobble FX fears give firms a wobble

10:09 | 28/12/2012

Import-export firms are anxious about key foreign currencies’ lending restrictions to bite from 2013.

bullet fired at dollarisation Bullet fired at dollarisation

17:38 | 22/12/2012

Restrictions and prohibitions of lending in foreign currencies are being proposed as measure to promote the de-dollarisation of the local economy.

banks work to get property moving Banks work to get property moving

15:33 | 04/12/2012

Banks are scaling up efforts to inject capital into property area to boost lending and warm up a sleepy property market.

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